Alou Meets with Nelson

The Chronicle erroneously reported that Felipe Alou visited his home in Miami Monday to prepare for Tropical Storm Ernesto. Reliable sources have told HMB that Alou was in fact meeting with new Warriors Coach Don Nelson to talk about a possible position with the organization next year. Dennis Erickson and Art Howe have been rumored to round out the rest of Nelson's brain trust next year. In one of the more promising developments, Avery Johnson has been in talks with Nelson to be the starting point guard.

All kidding aside, the signing of the Nelson needs a little more time to set in. My initial reaction was one-ringer. Nelson is 66 years old and the last time he coached in the Golden State seems to be over a decade ago. Montgomery was not great, but is Nelson even healthy enough to make it through an entire season?

The reality: Mullin 100% realized that this team needed change and because of some not so shrewd signings could not change the roster. Besides, Nellie is the last guy to take the Warriors Nation to the promise land of four (it was three back then) and out in the playoffs. Stay tuned.

Check GSOM for complete coverage.

Back to Alou and the Giants who started a litmus test type road trip yesterday. Despite the power surge supplied by Bonds and Hillenbrand, Schmidt pitched ineffectively and the team failed test one.

Sabean says not to expect any August deadline deals, and I think that is probably for the best. At this point, one waiver wire type player will make a negligible difference.

With Smoltz looming on Thursday, tonight's game is all but a must win.

Pray for Don Nelson.


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